Review: The Bad Beginning – Lemony Snicket

Genre: Children’s Fiction
Release Date: 30th September 1999

Started Reading: 20/01/2018
Finished Reading: 22/01/2018

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but first impressions are often entirely wrong.’

I had watched the Unfortunate Events film, and now I’m addicted to the Netflix series. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve rewatched the series, so I had been wanting to start reading the series for ages. It’s another one of those books that I haven’t gotten around to reading because I always found something I wanted to read more.

I’m glad I finally got The Bad Beginning though. It’s hilarious and some of the best children’s fiction I’ve read in ages. I’ve got a feeling I read it once when I was younger but I was never that into it. I definitely feel that some of the jokes are aimed more towards the readers my sort of age than kids, which is what makes it even better.

I absolutely love Justice Strauss and her library – it reminds me of something straight out of a fairytale.

The Bad Beginning is a hilarious start to the Unfortunate Events series and I can’t wait for my book ban to be over so I can buy the rest of the series and read them all over the stretch of a few weeks. They make the perfect quick read (I read this one in a couple of days around working, picking it up whenever I got a little bit of spare time).

Season two of Unfortunate Events comes out on Netflix in March, and it can’t come soon enough. Neil Patrick Harris makes the perfect Count Olaf and when I was reading this all I heard was his voice.

‘If you have ever lost a loved one, then you know exactly how it feels. And if you have not, then you cannot possibly imagine it.’

Want to read it?

Get it in the UK here and the US here. 

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