Over on my old blog, a couple of years ago I wrote a piece on why I thought John Green was overrated and how I didn’t really like any of his books other than The Fault in Our Stars. I was so, so, so wrong.

When I heard about Turtles All The Way Down being released, I didn’t know how I felt. It sounded like a book I would like, but at the same time it was by John Green and I had a strict policy to myself that I wouldn’t get it until it was in paperback and in the sale.

And I kinda stuck to that. didn’t buy it for myself. I got it for Christmas because I decided that I actually quite wanted to read it and for once I could try and throw my prejudices away.

Aza and her best friend Daisy decide to try and find out where a missing billionaire has gone. This billionaire is coincidentally Aza’s childhood best friend’s father, and the reward for finding him is $100,000.

Aza struggles with mental health illnesses throughout the book, and the book includes narratives between Ava and her thoughts which perfectly show how mental health effects people and what it actually feels like to not be in control of your thoughts. It also shows how your mental health affects people around you, even if it’s a bit brutal when it comes to that.

I love that Daisy is constantly writing fanfics throughout the novel and found her whole attitude entertaining. She’s the typical fictional best friend and is so lovable despite her flaws. She’s one of those characters who is impossible to hate.

I’m a convert. I love John Green now and I may go and try his other books again because Turtles All The Way Down is one of my top books of 2017.

Buy it in the UK here and the US here.

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