Genre: YA Dystopia
Release Date: 27th March 2014

Started Reading: 17/02/2018
Finished Reading: 19/02/2018

‘The price of imagination is pain.’

I think I’m starting to become a fan of dystopia thanks to Matt Haig. Echo Boy was an exciting read and full of surprises.

Set in 2115, Echos are a normal household item. They look like humans, act like humans, but are robots created to help with human tasks. Audrey’s father hates new technology, despite his own brother, Alex, owning Castle Industries – one of the largest technology companies.

Echos are definitely not all they seem though, especially when Alissa, the Echo who teaches Audrey at home, kills both of her parents.

Echo Boy isn’t like anything I’ve read before. It’s young adult dystopia (which I usually avoid) but it’s actually quite adult in the ways it deals with grief and uncovering the truth. It was exactly what I expected from Matt Haig though because even though it’s a dystopia it still takes a serious view on the issues of the real world.

It also focuses a lot on the problems in being part of a generation who are obsessed with technology, such as the over-reliance on it and the susceptibility of it going wrong.

I absolutely loved Echo Boy. It brought me back to YA and is another brilliant novel by Matt Haig.

‘It is better to be a sad poem than a blank page.’

Want to read it?

Get it in the UK here and the US here.

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