Review: The Miserable Mill – Lemony Snicket


Here we are again, with yet another review of a book from A Series of Unfortunate Events. I hope You’re not bored of these yet, you’ve still got 9 more of them to go!

The Baudelaire’s are now under the care of yet another guardian, this time it’s a man just known as Sir who always has a cloud of smoke around his head. He owns Lucky Smells Lumber Mill with his partner Charles. He comes to an arrangement with the orphans that if they work for the lumber mill, he will keep them safe from Count Olaf. The Baudelaire’s don’t have any option other than to accept his offer and are put straight to work.

I’ve got to say I absolutely love Charles. He’s probably the best character in the whole series, the way he’s always happy no matter what is happening and how nice he is to the Baudelaires.

The Miserable Mill is probably one of the least mysterious books in the series as it’s quite clear quite soon on what is going to happen and how it’s going to end, however (without adding too many details) it does have one of the most gruesome endings out of them all.

I read it in a day which speaks for itself how much I loved this book. More than anything I was excited to move onto the books that haven’t been adapted on Netflix quite yet and this was the last of the books that they adapted in season one.

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Children’s

Started Reading: 18/03/2018

Finished Reading: 18/03/2018

Read my review of the previous book (The Wide Window) here , and the next book here (The Austere Academy)

Get it in the UK here and the US here.

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