Stella Sweeney is a divorced mother of two who has recently arrived back in Ireland after moving to America for her writing career. She had Guillain-Barré Syndrome, leaving her unable to even move for months of her life. The book she published is called One Blink At A Time and based on her experiences when she wasn’t able to do anything.

She gets a publishing contract for One Blink At A Time and moves to America for a book tour and to write her second book.

The Woman Who Stole My Life opens with Stella’s return to Ireland, and the whole book focuses on her past and what happened when she was ill and then when she went to America. From breaking up with her husband to new friendships and relationships, Stella’s story is followed throughout the novel and left me wishing for her to get a happy ending.

I had wanted to start reading Marian Keyes for a while, especially since I’m so into Cecelia Ahern lately. And The Woman Who Stole My Life came up on the 3 for £10 offer on Amazon so I was more than happy to order it.

I’m not sure that if it hadn’t have been on that offer I would have bought it, but I was pleasantly surprised in the end. It’s a generally good book, with only a few parts that took me a while to get into. I’ve already bought another one of Marian Keyes’s books from a charity shop because I just find her writing style so interesting and easy to read.

‘If it is made with love, the imperfect becomes perfect.’

Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance

Started Reading: 06/03/2018

Finished Reading: 16/03/2018

Get it in the UK here and the US here.

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