Review: The Austere Academy – Lemony Snicket


The Baudelaires, after every other disaster that has happened in their lives, arrive at Prufrock Preparatory School with Mr Poe.

The Austere Academy doesn’t even start off happy. The school the Baudelaire’s arrive at looks depressing at best. The individual buildings look like tombstones, and the vice principal is a self-obsessed, violin playing dictator.

The Baudelaire’s go straight off to a rough start, being told that since they didn’t have a guardian’s permission to live with the rest of the students, they must live in the Orphan Shack – a mouldy shack infested with crabs.

It’s probably one of the most depressing books in the series so far because even though Count Olaf reappears (shocker), they’ve begun to give up telling adults who he is because they are never believed. The Baudelaires seem on the verge of completely giving up and letting Count Olaf and his associates win.

There is a small beam of hope where they meet the Quagmires, and I’ll leave it at that to avoid spoiling the entire book.

The series is just starting to pick up with this book as it begins to reveal some of the mysteries and secrets which have been looming since the first book. It really seems that this book marks a turning point in the series and really starts off the uncovering of all of the mysteries surrounding the Baudelaire’s circumstances.



Genre: Children’s

Started Reading: 18/03/2018

Finished Reading: 19/03/2018

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Get it in the UK here and the US here

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