It’s been ages since I watched Pretty Little Liars. I’ve worked it out to be almost four years since I first found it on Netflix, and I never finished the whole series because I got bored of it when I had to wait for new seasons to come out. I can only remember small bits of it as well – like when they were trapped in an underground bunker-thing and tortured, and Aria and Ezra’s relationship. But it was something I just watched in the background and never fully raved about it like all of the girls I went to school with.

Now I’m in a bit of a Netflix slump. After watching everything on my list and rewatching Horrible Histories (I’m a child, shut up), I decided to try Pretty Little Liars again and this time watch it to the end.

Initial Impressions

So I do actually remember the first episode quite well. Probably because Ben’s Brother is playing in the bar where Aria meets Ezra and it’s one of my favourite bands – or at least used to be.

The whole thing with Pretty Little Liars that made me stop watching it is that it’s so unrealistic. I don’t know what I was expecting from an American teenage drama, to be honest. Now it doesn’t bother me that it isn’t realistic. I don’t know why – probably because I’m that obsessed with other shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events that I don’t really like realistic shows anymore, I prefer escapism.

My love for Ezra definitely hasn’t disappeared, that’s for sure. Although I definitely didn’t just admit that to everyone.

I feel like the group of friends is so stereotypical because there’s The Pretty One (Hannah), The Nerd (Spencer), The Sporty One (Emily) and The Arty One (Aria). It’s all quite predictable and obvious from the start that although they have grown apart, they are going to become close friends very quickly.

The mystery of who A is is definitely one of the things that keeps me watching. I think I made it to the point last time I watched where they revealed who A was but I can’t remember who it was at all.

The seasons are actually a decent length as well (completely not throwing shade here to Netflix Originals or anything) so there’s plenty to be watching when you get addicted.

The Books

I did try to read the books last year (or maybe it was the year before?). I bought the first and second books, but I think I only got halfway through the second book. This is a series where I can say for definite that the TV series is much better than the books.

Finishing Season 1

I can definitely see why I liked Pretty Little Liars so much before. It’s gripping and exactly the sort of teen drama I love. It deals with a lot of serious issues and is still an easy series to watch while doing other things.

I was hooked again after just watching part of the first episode, and I really can’t wait to start season two.

When I used to watch it, it would be while I was doing my revision or while I was stuck in one of the study areas of my college. I think that since I can focus on it more now, I’ll be able to watch it all the way through and keep on top of all of the plot twists this time around.

It’s definitely worth watching if you haven’t watched it already. It’s just so full of suspense and is still lighthearted enough for a teen drama.


If you don’t have Netflix, you can buy season 1-7 here on Amazon.


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  1. I’m part way through season 3 and had to take a break from it! It’s fun but I found how long it’s going on for kind of tiring. The mystery wasn’t enough to keep me obsessively watching like I was at first, but I’ll finish it someday to see where the characters end up.

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