The Undomestic Goddess is a book that had me either laughing or crying or doing both at the same time. It’s an absolute gem of a book and definitely worth reading for a nice little bit of escapism.

Samantha is a high powered lawyer in a high powered law firm in London. She’s one of the best and has worked hard to get where she is. And when the opportunity a arises for her to become a partner at the firm, she works even harder than before. She’s got everything set out and knows that the promotion is hers, then finds out she has made a terrible mistake. A mistake that has cost fifty million. And she runs.

She finds herself being mistaken for the new housekeeper at a lovely house in the country and she is so flustered that she doesn’t know how to tell her new employers that it is all a mistake, so instead she goes along with it.

Samantha Sweeting is probably my favourite female protagonist ever. She is absolutely hilarious (even if she doesn’t know it) and she’s definitely not your stereotypical character. She runs when she realises she’s made a mistake, and then follows the fake it to make it life, pretending to be a housekeeper even though she’s got no idea how to even turn on a washing machine.

She is so comical, especially how she doesn’t have any idea how to do anything in a house but somehow becomes an amazing housekeeper.

The Undomestic Goddess is a novel about overcoming everything you have spent your life trying to be in order to find happiness. Samantha is faced with the problem of whether she wants to be happy, have time for herself and her own life, or she could go back to Carter Spink. It raises the question of whether happiness is truly worth more than money, and if success really equals happiness.

When I read Sophie Kinsella’s My Not So Perfect Life, I thought that I had found the most true and realistic book I could. But The Undomestic Goddess beats even that and is even more entertaining. I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it sooner than when I spotted it in Morrisons. It’s such a heartfelt and honest book that it’s definitely a must read.

If you own a brain, go buy this from Amazon now!

Rating: ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š

Genre: Women’s Fiction/General Fiction

Started Reading: 07/05/2018

Finished Reading: 11/05/2018

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