Everyone has different reading habits, some good some bad. I’m definitely not excused from that. I have some bad reading habits that lots of people will disagree with, so pc course I thought I’d share them with you!

1. I don’t always finish books

Now a lot of blogs I read, people don’t DNF books, or at least don’t review DNF’d books. I wish I had the patience to just fully finish reading a book that I don’t like, but I really don’t have that sort of self control.

When I’m not getting into the book, or I don’t really like the writing, I try to read it to at least halfway through to see if it picks up. If, by that point, it hasn’t picked up, that’s when I won’t feel guilty about DNF-ing a book.

I don’t DNF books often. Usually, the ones I do DNF are from Netgalley, especially lately. I try to get as far through books as I can before adding them to my DNF list, because I really do feel bad for not finishing the book. Occasionally, I will return to books I’ve given up on and liked them the second time around.

2. I review every single book I read

This wouldn’t normally be a bad habit. When I moved my blog over to WordPress from Blogspot, I promised myself that every single book I read was going to get a review.

The negative side to that is that I review books I have given up on reading and the books I didn’t like. I always feel bad about this because I know how hard authors work to get their books out there and how much their books mean to them, but I don’t want to lie about my feelings towards a book. I won’t say a book was brilliant when I thought it was terrible.

3. I rush books

As soon as I start reading a book, I can’t wait to finish it. No matter what book it is, it’s always the same. I’m just too excited to pick a new book off my TBR and start reading it.

But this also means that I tend to rush the final few chapters of books because I can’t wait to find out what happens in the end and start reading my next book. It doesn’t mean I enjoy the book any less but I know I really need to start enjoying each individual book more rather than always wanting to move onto the next book.

4. I can’t stop buying books

I think all bookworms are in the same boat here. I’ve got a massive TBR shelf of books I need to read, a big pile on Netgalley, but I still feel the need to keep buying books because I just can’t help myself. Books are the answer to everything.

Need cheering up? Books.

Need to relax? Books.

Got a better pay this month? Books.

5. I read more than one book at a time

Life’s too short to just read one thing at a time, and my TBR list is too long! So usually I’m reading a physical book as well as an ebook.

Most people wonder how I don’t get confused between the two plots and I wonder that too! I’ve got no idea how someone like me with the attention span of a goldfish is capable of reading two things at once but I am.

What are your bad habits when reading? Let me know in the comments so we can compare!

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  1. These are all SO relatable. If I don’t ‘click’ with a book then it’s getting DNF’d and I may or may not return to it in the future. There are also times I start a book and think “this isn’t really what I want to be reading right now” and then put it aside for a day when I’m more in the mood for it. I’ve done this to at least 4 books this year. And reading multiple books at the same time is something I will never be sorry for doing. I also get asked about how I don’t get plots confused, but I usually read books from different genres to avoid this. It’s the same as watching a few different tv shows at once! Great post 🙂

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    1. Honestly I’ve started so many books this year and felt like it’s not the right time to be reading it and put them back on the shelf. I’ve still got loads left from last year that I did that to. I don’t get the argument when people say they get plots confused because the same as what you said, I’m always confused that if people can watch more than one series at a time then it’s really no different with books? Feel like I can rant forever about that 😂


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