For every 3 or 4 books I read, I always end up in a slump where I don’t really want to read anything on my TBR and I just can’t get into any book I try reading. It absolutely always happens.

And as a book blogger, I feel a lot more pressure to get things read, so slumps are in my nightmare. I’ve usually got up to 5 ARCs waiting to be read, both NetGalley and physical, and sometimes end up falling behind because of getting stuck in slumps.

So here’s a few things I do to get myself out of a slump!

1. Use Social Media

Usually when I’m focusing on getting reviews and blog posts written, I avoid social media because I can waste days just scrolling through Twitter and Facebook. I’ve got awful self-control and usually end up going on it anyway.

But sometimes it can be a good thing. When I’m not feeling like reading I turn to Twitter and scroll through endless posts of people hyping about books, their blog posts, and posts about new releases.

I know this doesn’t exactly sound useful. But reading about how much people love the books they’re reading really helps me. I end up reading loads of different tweets and blog posts for a day, and then usually I’m back into the mood for reading because I want to write a post like those!

2. Write Blog Posts

So if you’re a book blogger, this might seem a bit odd because if you’re not reading, you don’t have anything to post about. But in reality, that’s how I started writing more discussion posts like these.

When I’m in a slump I tend to write posts like these. (I feel the need to point out that I’m not actually in a slump right now!) I pick a topic and ramble on about it forever, then spend ages editing it until I feel like it’s perfect.

The time I spend on writing a post is when I would usually be reading, so this takes my mind off the frustration of being unable to get into a book and puts all of my energy towards creating a good post for everyone.

I feel like the frustration of not being able to get into a book doesn’t help the matter at all, so doing something to distract you from that annoyance really helps you get back to feeling normal.

3. Change How You Read

I’ve read a lot of posts like this one that only give you things to do that aren’t reading to get you out of a slump. I haven’t seen one yet that tells you to read your way out, but sometimes this helps me.

And all you have to try is changing the format in which you read books. I usually mainly read physical copies, but when I’m feeling fed up of books, I shift to reading ebooks for a short while. I’ll usually download something from my TBR on NetGalley and get that read. Just the simple change from a paperback to a screen is enough to make reading feel new again.

Treat yourself to an ebook, quite a few are only 99p, and see how much that can change your mood.

4. Read Short Stories

This is another way I read my way around a slump, and again, quite often this involves reading an ebook.

I don’t know about everyone else, but half of my problem when I’m in a slump is that I’ve just lost the attention span to be able to read a full-length novel. So often I’ll download a short story to quickly read in a couple of hours to get me back into reading.

With short stories you get the excitement of a novel but in really small doses.

5. Take a Break

Sometimes there isn’t a fast fix for finding yourself in a slump. You just need a break from reading, and there’s no shame in that. I often find myself feeling rubbish because I can’t get into any books and none of my ways around it will help. But anyone can find themselves in a slump and it’s nothing to be worried about. Within a few days you should feel like reading again.

Do you have any go-to tips for when you’re in a slump? Let me know!

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  1. Great tips! As for me, I usually read other people’s thoughts for other books, like reviews and such. Seeing them being so enthusiastic in sharing their thoughts can really rekindle my will to read again! 😀

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