At the moment, my TBR pile is at around 40 books. It’s an absolute nightmare. I buy books, then see ones I want to read more and I eventually end up with a stack that is mainly books I bought months ago and still don’t feel too much like reading.

So now I’m working my way through it, and here’s a list of ways that you can work through yours too!

1) Make a TBR Jar

So I haven’t done this one, but I’ve seen it working for lots of other people.

It’s pretty easy to do this, because all you need is some paper (coloured paper, if you’re feeling fancy) and a jar. You can either use a old jar, or if you want something pretty you can also find some really nice ones on Amazon.

Just write down your books on your TBR onto little pieces of paper and pop them into the jar, then when you’re ready to move onto your next book, pick a piece of paper out of the jar. It’s really simple but a nice way to get through your TBR.

2) Reward Yourself by Buying Books

I know, this one doesn’t seem to make any sense, but hear me out.

When your TBR is impossibly long and you’re like me and can’t stop buying books, this way is perfect. Set yourself a target number of books. For me, it’s three. Then when you’ve read that many, you can buy yourself a new one. This really works, and has helped me get my list down.

3) Organise Your TBR

A little organisation goes a long way!

Before I got my current bookcase, my TBR books were scattered everywhere, and until I sorted everything, I didn’t quite realise just how many I had. I also unearthed a few I had completely forgotten about and in the end I really enjoyed reading them.

It’s useful to have a separate shelf for your TBR so you don’t lose track of how many you have, and it makes it easier to decide which book to read next.

4) Make a TBR Tracker

This ones especially useful if you’re into journaling. I started doing this but it sort of got abandoned because I don’t have any artistic talent.

Tracking your TBR is so useful because then you can keep an eye on how many books you’re reading from your TBR, and helps you make sure you’re getting through them.

There’s loads of examples on just a google search here.

5) Have a Monthly TBR

If your TBR is painfully out of control, this is the best method. At the start of each month, pick a list of titles from your TBR you want to read and stick to it. You have to be brutal with this one and not get too distracted by the other books you want to go out and buy, but at the same time, think of the satisfaction of making your TBR tiny!When I do this, I tend to pick some I’ve been looking forward to reading and bought recently as well as picking some that I’ve put off for a while. That way, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the new ones and at the same time you get through the TBR you’ve been avoiding.


How do you manage your TBR? Tell me in the comments!

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    1. I wish I didn’t have many! I honestly don’t know how to keep mine below 40! I need to do a clear out on Goodreads but every time I start doing it I get distracted

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  1. The TBR jar and having a set Monthly TBR didn’t quite work for me but I know so many others find it useful. I do think organising my TBR both physical and on Goodreads would really help me though. Espcially my physical book shelf, I’ve been in a year long slump so I’m constantly picking one up, trying it then just shoving it back in the shelf and they’re not in any kind of order anymore

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    1. I find sticking to a set list really hard because I’d just rather read what I’m feeling like reading rather than making it a chore. But like you say, it seems to work for some people! I love organising things so going through books and sorting them is the way forward for me!

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  2. I love the idea of a TBR jar. I don’t have that big a TBR list but sometimes when I finish one book it takes me ages to decide what I want to read next. I might try this one.

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    1. I did it a few years ago and it did work, but I’m too picky and couldn’t just pick a book at random to read 😂 so I eventually stopped using it. It takes some commitment to stick to but it’s worth it if you struggle to decide what to read 🌻


  3. My list is impossibly long, but I like it that way. I use Goodreads for my list, and occasionally I will sort it by date added and try to read the ones that have been on my list the longest. Else I just pick and choose based on my mood.

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  4. Great post! I’m always trying to manage my TBR but always fail terribly. I used to have a TBR jar but I would always just end up rummaging through it until I found the book I wanted and even then I’d rarely stick to it. The monthly TBR has definitely helped me though! I’ll definitely have to give a TBR tracker a chance!

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