Harper360 sent me an advanced copy of The Scent of You to review for the UK release on 14th June. All opinions are mine and are in no way influenced.

It was a bit daunting to begin with, knowing that I had to read this in less than 10 days to get my review posted within the deadline but I somehow managed it!

Polly is a yoga instructor and perfume blogger, with a chaotic life. Everything was fine until her husband left her out of the blue, with no explanation. Polly is left with the mystery of why he went – something that is always on her mind.

My initial impression was how much I love Polly. She runs a blog called Fragrant Cloud, and blogs about memories, places and events, linking them to different scents that remind her of them. I love this obsession with fragrances, and I can really relate to it, working in a candle shop my whole life revolves around them! I love how she can categorise any event by what fragrances it makes her think of. I just feel like this makes Alderson’s writing so unique and compelling.

About halfway through I found myself completely addicted! I needed to find out about the mysterious Guy and I loved Chum, but felt like there was definitely a lot hidden below the surface of his character. There definitely seemed to be a bit of a love triangle going off here, and I was curious as to what was going to happen with it.

Alderson’s writing really reminds me of Cecelia Ahern and Marian Keyes, and I think that’s why I found the book so easy to get into and enjoy. Her writing flows really nicely and freely, and the characterisations are natural and lifelike.

It actually surprised me that the book had a large sense of mystery to it surrounding the sudden disappearance of Polly’s husband. From the description, I didn’t realise it would take such a major role in the plot. This was quite a pleasant surprise and I actually really enjoyed the mystery aspect to it. I would normally avoid novels which have a large amount of mystery in the plot because I struggle with them, but this has made me a bit more open minded to the genre.

Overall, The Scent of You is a lovely novel, especially if you love romances with a little bit of mystery.

Get The Scent of You from Amazon here.

Rating: 📚📚📚📚

Genre: Women’s Lit

Age Range: 17+

Recommend to: Readers of Cecelia Ahern and for a nice read to take on holiday

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