I have painfully strong opinions on what you can and can’t do to a book which have been known to get me into arguments, very easily. But I know I’m definitely not the only one who feels this way, so I thought I’d share my views and see what everyone else has got to say.

1. Dog-ear Pages

Have people who do this ever heard of bookmarks? Or even if you don’t have one on you, maybe an old receipt or whatever you can find?

Dog-eared pages make me feel so uncomfortable because that fold is going to be there forever and stops your book from looking as crisp as it was when it was new. I just don’t get why people do this instead of bookmarking.

2. Breaking the Spine

I love the artwork on the spines of books. To me, it’s as important as the covers. So when spines on books get broken it makes me really sad because they won’t look the same on the shelf again.

Once, when I was doing A-Level literature, I forgot to take my copy of the book we were studying and I had to borrow one from my tutor. She knew how mad I went over cracked spines so she found me a nice one… then bent it open and cracked the spine before giving it to me. That’s how far my obsession with books looking perfect went – even my college tutors knew how I felt and they joked with me about it.

3. Writing Inside the Book

So this is another one that links back to when I was doing my A-Levels. I had to make notes in my copies of the books, but I hated doing it, especially since I had to use a highlighter, not just making pencil marks.

I suppose that writing in books in pencil is okay, but any pen really makes me uncomfortable. After you make those marks they’ll always be there which means that people after you can’t enjoy the book in the same way as you did.

*All of this probably just means that I’m really picky. If you do these things to your books, then that’s okay! This is just my opinion. Do you disagree with any of these or have your own? Tell me in the comments

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  1. Yes – people that dog ear make me cry!! Seriously, if I don’t have a bookmark and there is literally nothing around me I can use – I just try to remember what page I’m on and then just close the book. I’d rather spend 20 seconds trying to find my page again then forever ruining it 😦

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  2. I’ve been FB-shamed before for dog-earing my book haha. Personally, I’d rather use a bookmark or random piece of paper, but as long as it’s my personal book, I have no problem dog-earing when nothing else is around.

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  3. People who write on books are monsters. Seriously. I usually buy a lot of second-hand books and it’s so sad to see what some people do to their books. I’m a little bit picky too, but I love my books enough to take care of them ❤ We book lovers understand each other 😉

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  4. I totally agree with folding over pages! My go-to bookmark is a train ticket because I don’t have a proper one and I can’t bear to ruin the pages! And I hate breaking the spine too but sometimes I get so into the book I haven’t realised I’ve done it! I’m definitely with you on these – I hate them too! X

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