Celestine is Flawed to the very backbone, according to The Guild. She went against society and assisted a Flawed man – going against every value a Perfect citizen should hold. She was branded as flawed, not just the maximum of five times, but a sixth. Now, she finds herself on the run from The Guild and their Whistleblowers, an attempt at freedom that a Flawed citizen should never have.

Perfect is the second and final book in Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed series.

I read Flawed, the first book, a couple of years ago now. It’s the first book I had ever read by Cecelia Ahern, and it’s what made her writing stand out to me. However, for whatever reason (I can’t remember now) I’d put off buying Perfect. And when I did finally buy it, it sat on my bookshelf for ages. That was until the other weekend when I finally made the decision to read it.

I forgot how immersive the world Ahern created was. I was straight into the book as it jumped straight into action, and found it really easy to remember everything that had happened in the previous book.

Perfect is a fast paced novel, that never really slows down for a second. I found myself finishing it in just a couple of days, and really couldn’t put it down. It was addictive and kept me wanting to know what happened next.

I love Celestine as a character. The fact that she points out that she’s Flawed, but likes that part of herself because it makes her real is one of my favourite ideas of the whole book.

Celestine is strong and confident, and doesn’t need to have anyone by her side to help her get her way. She’s the perfect independent protagonist and I love her for that.

The focus on an over-controlling society where if you do the slightest thing wrong, you’re branded for life was really interesting. It makes you question whether a person can really be fully bad, and whether a person’s past is really different to who they are in the present day.

It’s definitely a thrilling book with some of the best characters you’ll find in YA. I would usually comment about how I’m not really into YA or Dystopia, but I’m not because I’m now definitely a convert and really enjoying the genre.

Get yourself a copy from Amazon here. Currently on 2 for ยฃ7 paperbacks!

Rating: ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š

Genre: YA Dystopia

Age: 14+

Recommended to: Readers of Dystopia and fans of The Hunger Games/Divergent

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What YA Dystopias do you like? Give me recommendations in the comments!

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