In case you didn’t know, Bookworm Problems is my new blogging series! Here, you can read about all of the problems I face day to day in my bookish life!

Handbag shopping. It’s dangerous, and not just because of the amount of money I can easily spend. It’s also dangerous because I’ve gone home way too often with a new handbag that is too small to fit a paperback into!

I love cute tiny handbags. They’re always in pretty colours and have cute designs. They’re my ideal handbag at first glance.

But then I realise how impractical they are. How am I supposed to fit a paperback into this adorable mini backpack I bought?

To everyone else, this wouldn’t be a problem. They can have absolutely whatever handbag they want without worrying about the size. I’d love to be able to carry a little tiny handbag around.

But I also love taking a book everywhere with me, and we all know which one wins out of those two.

The all-important question:

Do you buy for style or practicality? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. I wish I was that organised to always take one with me! I almost always have a book with me in my bag unless I’ve seen a handbag I like, then I’ve never got one 😂

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  1. This is so true! I have a few smaller bags that I’ll use from time to time but the number one issue with them is that I can’t fit my book! 📚


    1. I actually bought a beautiful bag a couple of years ago that looks exactly like a hardback of Alice in Wonderland. It’s gorgeous. And even though it’s a bag made to look like a book, you still can’t fit a book in it! You’d at least think with something like that the designer would consider bookish people 😂 so I hardly use that one now

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  2. I mostly buy for practicality, because I’m a student and always have a million things to carry around, but I also try and find the nicest designs! I recently got a gorgeous Alice In Wonderland backpack from Cath Kidston that’s really roomy, so great in both ways!

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    1. Ooh I’ve just got the Alice in Wonderland tote bag from Cath Kidston and I love it because it’s so big I can fill it with everything! Their bags are so practical!


  3. Practicality first, because I don’t have a lot of time and money, and then style. I don’t do well with tiny bags because I always feel like I’ll forget to bring something, which means a lot of my bags can fit book(s). :))

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