I’m obsessed with cats. I’ve got six of them, so there’s always one near me when I’m at home. And they’re definitely the best companion a book worm can find!

Here’s why!

1. They Don’t Expect Conversation

Unlike people, cats don’t expect you to be talking when you’re sat with them. You can sit and read without them complaining.

2. They Keep You Warm

If you’re curled up with a book, a cat will happily come and curl up on your knee, keeping you nice and warm. It’s even better if you’ve got one that will curl up underneath a blanket with you!

3. They Sleep All The Time

Cats are always sleeping. Literally, always. Which means they don’t want as much attention as dogs and will happily sleep the whole time you’re reading.

4. Their Paws are Bookmarks

If you’ve got a more energetic cat, it will hold the page open with its paw trying to play, saving grabbing a bookmark if you’re getting up for a drink or losing your place if you accidentally skip a few pages.

5. They’re a Fluffy Armrest

When you’ve got a cat on your lap, they are the perfect armrest for you while you’re reading. They’re all warm and fluffy and snuggly!

Tell me about your cat(s) in the comments!

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