I somehow read three books in three days! This is what time off work does to you!

The Baudelaires are now aboard the Queequeg, a VFD submarine, looking for the sugar dish that Count Olaf is so desperate to find. On the Queequeg they meet Captain Widdershins and his step-daughter Fiona, as well as a return of everybody’s favourite – Phil from the lumber mill!

I loved this one! There’s Lewis Carroll references which is one way to get me really interested in a book, and it also got me thinking as one of his poems was used as a code and I was trying to work out what the message was! For some of the references used in these books, you definitely have to be an adult to fully get them, but when you do they are so clever!

The characters were brilliant in this one. Captain Widdershins was definitely strange but it gave me a laugh how he said ‘aye’ between every sentence. I also loved how Fiona started doing this too.

Even more was revealed about VFD in this one! There wasn’t as much as in the previous book, but I would still love to find out who J.S. is and why they are contacting the Queequeg.

There was yet another big plot twist towards the end of this one and I really want to see where it goes, as I can see it popping up again in the final books.

The books have really reached their best now! I’m reading them so fast because I just NEED to know everything!! I’m really obsessed now and won’t settle until I’ve finished the whole series.

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Rating: ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Recommended to: Netflix lovers

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