I don’t think any bookworm ever has actually reached the end of their TBR. It’s one of those tasks that we all promise we are going to do one day, but that one day is always very far into the future and you never quite reach it.

My physical TBR is always around forty books long. Then my TBR of the books I don’t even own is at around a hundred on a good day.

It actually terrifies me that I will almost definitely die with a long TBR left behind. It’s going to happen because I’m never going to read every book I want to.

The pain of a long physical TBR is keeping it organised.

I got a new bookcase in February/March and dedicated one shelf to it to my TBR. That is almost constantly full and I’m always saying that I’m on a book ban, when I still can’t resist buying new books.

I even made a post on managing your TBR, and somehow even I can’t take my own advice.

I think it must just be a thing for bookworms to not be able to cope with the length of their TBR. I haven’t met one who has enough self control to not buy more books.

How many books are on your TBR? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. I had just started to get my TBR to a manageable length then over the past week I’ve gotten way too many new books again and now I’m back to the start!


  1. My TBR is so long and I cant stop buying new books either! Glad to see others can relate! Loved this post, thanks for sharing!


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