Do I binge-read or binge-watch?

While I was off work, I was stuck with this one. On one hand, I really wanted to binge-watch everything on Netflix that I don’t get chance to watch while I’m at work. On the other hand, my TBR (as always) was impossibly long and I had loads of books I was desperate to read.

I can’t do both at the same time, so I was stuck!

I think everyone who knows me will know what I ended up doing. Which is of course the laziest option – I binge watched Netflix.

Now I’m wishing I hadn’t because my TBR is still painfully long and I spent most of my time off work just watching Netflix instead of getting other things done.

I feel like I’m in a constant battle between watching Netflix and reading, and it’s usually Netflix that wins lately.

Anyway, whatever. It’s a problem that us bookworms just have to deal with.

Is anyone watching anything good on Netflix at the moment? Asking for a friend…

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