Book Talk: The Greatest Showman Tag

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tag as cool as this one! Everyone knows I’m completely obsessed with The Greatest Showman so I was over the moon when I saw that Mariam from Book Mania had tagged me!

The tag was started on Andrea’s Nirvana (the original post is here)


• Thank the person who tagged you and provide a link to their post!

• Include a link to the creator’s post.

• Include the logo somewhere in the post.

• Find a book/anime/movie/manga/K-Drama/TV show or anything else that fits the prompts below.

• Have fun!

• Tag 5 to 10 people (or more, if you’re feeling like it)


1. The Greatest Show | In Which The Intro is Amazing

Straight away I thought of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. It has one of the most memorable first lines ever:

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…

The intro has so much amazing imagery that really gets the novel going. It’s creepy and describes the narrator’s trip up the winding road leading to Manderley and it’s honestly haunting. It’s an intro that really sticks in everybody’s minds.

2. A Million Dreams | In Which Things Get a Little Too Dragged

I really struggled with Handle With Care just because everything was dragged out way too much. I loved the topic and some of the characters, but I felt that the whole novel being based on one singular court case just really stopped any plot from progressing and it dragged so much that I had to skim the end.

3. Come Alive | In Which There’s a Nice Plot Twist

So my favourite plot twist ever is in The Undomestic Goddess where the protagonist, someone who has never even been able to manage her own tiny flat, turns out to be an amazing housekeeper entirely by accident. I love that it just shows pure strength and resilience and it was so unexpected for Samantha to actually be able to do something like looking after a house.

4. The Other Side | In Which a Villain Turns Into a Good Guy or Vice Versa

The Grim Grotto is the best fir I can think for this. I don’t want to spoil to much with it being halfway through the series but in this book it’s almost impossible to say for certain who is good and who is bad because it all changes around so much.

5. Never Enough | In Which You Hate The Love Triangle

I can’t think of any love triangles I hate but one pairing I hate is August and Beck’s relationship in A Thousand Perfect Notes because it just seems forced, awkward and completely unnecessary.

6. This Is Me | In Which Representation is Amazing

The Help is one of my favourite books just because of how it portrays the black community in the USA in the sixties. It’s brutally honest at the same time as giving out a story of hope for change and I just love the way it raises awareness of what different people have gone through. It doesn’t just focus on the struggles of the black community – it also shows the expectations of a white upper-middle class woman and how she is seen by society. It is one of my favourite novels on the topic of equality.

7. Rewrite The Stars | In Which It’s “Us Against The World” (Not Necessarily Romantic)

I’m Matilda, I love how all of the children stand up for what they believe in, especially when it comes to how they are treated. They don’t even let The Trunchbull bring them down, and I just find that amazing. It truly is them against the adult world.

8. Tightrope | In Which The Love Triangle Took a Wrong Turn

I’m at a dead end with this question so I think I will have to bail on it.

9. From Now On | In Which The Main Character Only Gets Their Stuff Together in The End

I think for this last one I will have to say If I Stay just because the whole novel is about the main character making a choice of whether to live or die while she is in a coma after a car crash.

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