I will happily read eBooks, paperbacks, and hardbacks. I’m not picky. But if you’re wondering which one to buy for your next read, here’s a list of pros and cons of each!



  • They’re cheap
  • Some are even free
  • A phone/tablet/eReader is lighter to carry than a book
  • Better for holidays as well because less weight
  • You can buy books wherever you are!
  • They’re easier to read in the dark if you have a backlit screen
  • You can highlight and take notes without ruining a book
  • No paper-cuts!


  • You don’t get that lovely new book smell
  • You can’t stare at the pretty covers
  • Your books don’t get to go on a bookshelf
  • You can’t get them secondhand to save money



  • They’re lighter than hardbacks
  • They’re easier to hold than hardbacks
  • They smell nice
  • They’re cheaper than hardbacks
  • You can buy them secondhand from charity shops to save even more money
  • Supermarkets always have a few cheap ones in


  • They’re not as cheap as eBooks unless you’re buying them secondhand
  • They take up a lot of room
  • The spine and covers easily get creased
  • They’re heavier to carry around than eBooks
  • Paper-cuts



  • They’re the prettiest
  • They smell the nicest
  • Because of the actual covers and then the dust jackets, you’ve basically got two covers for the price of one
  • It’s harder to wreck the covers and the spine
  • They look the nicest on a shelf
  • They’re released before paperbacks


  • They take up the most room
  • They’re the heaviest
  • The shelves on some bookcases aren’t spaced out enough to fit hardbacks in
  • They’re the most expensive and you rarely find them secondhand
  • The dust jackets are annoying because they’re constantly sliding up the book when you’re reading it

  • Which do you prefer? Got any more points you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments!
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    1. Ugh, I wish I lived in an ideal world where I could spend money on hard cover books because they do tend to last longer with the least damage. However, I might have to lean towards e-books and paperback in this case. As you pointed out, they are cheap and easy to carry around.

      I do however spend a little extra for my favourite books for a hard cover. Not gonna lie. ☺️

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    2. Hardback books are the absolute prettiest! Although they’re heavy to carry around, they don’t get damaged easily. And yes, I agree with everything you’ve written here!

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    3. I think I’m a paperback girl at heart, although my kindle probably gets more use than the stacks of books around my room I haven’t got to yet, haha! Lovely post – the cons must have been hard!

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    4. This is an interesting post. It’s funny because a few years ago I detested ebooks and was determined that they weren’t for me because of all of the pros you listed for paperbacks and hardbacks but over the past year the majority of books I’ve read have been ebooks and it actually doesn’t bother me. I mean I do miss paperbacks and I do buy them on occasion but I often go for ebooks because they’re often cheaper. Ive read a few books that I’ve bought for 99p!


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    5. I understand the lure of hardbacks and the reason why someone would favor paperbacks but for me, always e-books. I tend to be practical so they suit me perfectly.

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