1. It burns if we have to go into sunlight

We rarely leave our dens, and when we do, it’s dangerous.

2. We collect cats

Bookworms and cats aren’t often seen apart. Every bookworm is surrounded by over ten cats of varying colours. Although black is preferred.

3. We can cast spells

Ever wonder why we have so many cats? We use them to cast our witchy spells on authors who kill our favourite characters and people who interrupt our reading time. Our best spells are used on people who interrupt us by asking ‘what are you reading?’ despite the book being right in front of them.

4. Everything we own is an Instagram aesthetic

Every single bookworm has a large collection of fake flowers and coloured backdrops just waiting for us to use to get that perfect Instagram photo. We will drop anything at all if we get one second of perfect lighting.

5. We cam control our addiction

Of course we can walk into a bookshop without buying anything! We can! (If you restrain and blindfold us)

Got any facts I missed out? Let me know in the comments!

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