This is a really pain for any bookworm – quite literally.

Finding that comfy place to read a book where you’re not constantly fidgeting is almost impossible! I don’t know about everyone else, but I can never get comfy!

I’ve got an armchair I read in and I tend to tuck my legs up while I’m reading. But then my legs go dead and every ten minutes in there thumping my foot on the floor to try to get rid of my pins and needles.

I like just sitting to the table and reading, especially if it’s a hardback. I think I’m at my comfiest when I’m reading somewhere like that, but it still never ends well. I get neck ache from looking down for too long.

And then there’s reading in bed. If I sit up in bed, I’m not snuggled enough and I’m not happy. But then when I lie down I’m back to being fidgety again until I’m comfy. I like lying on my side and reading but then I’ve got the problem of my book not being lit enough for me to read!

I guess I’m just impossible to please.

Do you have any tips for comfy reading?

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  1. It’s a major problem for bookworms isn’t it? I tend to curl up on our smaller sofa but I have to remember to stretch my legs out every so often or I get terrible pins and needles.

    I read at work on my lunch sat at my desk but it does hurt my neck! Would love to know other people’s tips to get comfy.

    Rachael |

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