I’m so excited that I finally got time to read this! It’s a gem!

Book Description

(From Waterstones)

Kitty Logan has lost her way…

As a journalist, she’s spent the past few years chasing the big scoops – no matter the consequences. When she makes a terrible mistake, she finds herself mired in scandal, her career implodes and even her personal relationships are tested to the limits.

At a loss, Kitty finds distraction in a list of one hundred names her late mentor and boss, Constance, has left her. Kitty’s been given one final chance, the most important assignment of her life – to write the story behind the one hundred names as a tribute piece to Constance. As she tracks down the people on the list and tries to work out what connects them, Kitty meets some extraordinary people.

Can these strangers’ stories help her finally understand her own?

Why I Bought It

I bought this a while ago because of my obsession with Cecelia Ahern books but then it just sat in my bookcase for months! I would usually jump straight to reading one of Cecelia Ahern’s books but because of quite a few reading slumps, I managed to forget about it. Thankfully this time, it saved me from a slump.

Overall Thoughts

I was in an awful reading slump and I finally started reading this, knowing Cecelia Ahern always makes me love reading again, and I wasn’t wrong.

I loved Kitty so, so much. She’s a character whose life has been ruined by her mistakes but she still won’t let it completely take over her life. True, what she did wasn’t right when she didn’t collect all of the facts before outing a man. However, this sort of mistake could have ruined her career. But she uses the death of her best friend to fuel her to succeed and move on from her past. Her ability to eventually laugh with others over what happened is admirable, and what makes her such a brilliant character.

I also love the realism here. Kitty has her flaws and has made her mistakes, but so has every single other character in the novel. Everyone has their flaws and nothing is sugar-coated, giving a really strong realistic image.

There were a few moments when Kitty’s decisions annoyed me slightly, mainly later on in the novel where there is one occasion where she is quite spiteful, but in the end it all turns around and her spiteful decision actually helps the person she has a grudge against. I love that this spreads the message of sharing kindness instead of hatred.

Buy One Hundred Names from Amazon here.

Rating: 📚📚📚📚

Genre: Women’s Lit/Contemporary Fiction

Recommended to: Readers of Jodi Picoult or someone looking for a holiday read

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