It’s hard to believe that Matilda was released back in 1988 – thirty years ago now! It is still one of the top children’s books, and it remains as relatable as ever. It has proved to be a timeless masterpiece.

I’ve been treated to the three special editions of Matilda that were brought out to celebrate the anniversary (thanks Dad!) I’m a Matilda addict and will but just about anything to do with her. Prints, canvases, cushions, t-shirts – I’m there!

For Matilda’s thirtieth birthday, I thought I would write about why I love the book so much.

I was always the ‘nerdy’ one when I was younger because my head was always buried in a book. I’ve always been a massive reader and would read anything I could get my hands on.

Matilda, as a character made me feel less alone. I watched the film before I read the book, but she always seemed like a friend to me.

Her closest friend is her teacher, which I can relate to a lot. I wished that I could find my own Miss Honey who loved books as much as I did, and I suppose that I actually eventually did find a teacher like that! Even if it was in A Levels!

Although my family have always encouraged me to read, I still empathised with Matilda’s struggle when her family didn’t want her reading. To me, this reflects how a large amount of my ‘friends’ couldn’t ever understand how I could get lost in a book or why I preferred to spend my time in the school’s library rather than going outside with them on my breaks.

Matilda always stood up against the hate that was thrown at her. She always stood up for what she knew was right, and I still admire that. I was always the one who got bullied at school and I rarely ever stood up to them, and that has followed me through life. I admire that she stands up to whoever wrongs her, and she always wins in the end. I will always wish that I can be like her in this way.

Matilda is my hero. I will always admire her for everything she did in the novel, and I will always aspire to be like her. Which is exactly why I love this book so much.

Matilda gave me hope that I wasn’t alone, and it let me know that it is okay to not fit in and to stand up for exactly what I believe in.

What does Matilda mean to you?

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