Today’s open letter to a fictional character is to…

Audrey Winters from Holly Bourne’s It Only Happens in The Movies


First off, you are brilliant. I thought I’d start with that. You’re funny, smart, strong – you’re everything.

I don’t think I know a person quite like you. You see the real side to life, not just the fictional. You know that the type of love you see in movies and books is fake and you don’t expect it from life. In fact, whenever you do experience any events that seem too good to be true, you know that they definitely are.

You’re brilliant. You don’t depend on anyone, and I’m quite envious about that to be honest with you. You’ve grown up needing to be independent from your parents, and that has followed up with you not relying on any friends or relationships to keep you going.

I feel like you’re one of my friends after reading your whole story. I wish I could support you through everything at home and I would really love to know you better.

I know I’ll never get through things like you, but I’m okay with that. Just thinking about your story keeps me going.

I’m sorry about Harry, your mum, your friends. About everything you have been through. But you’re not alone, please remember that.


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