I think everyone I know in real life know this story, but I’ve never told it in my blog. So four years on, here’s the story of how I came to meet my absolute favourite author.

In 2014, when Morganville: The Series was about to be released on Geek and Sundry’s YouTube channel, there was a premier of the first episode at London MCM Comic-Con and a signing afterwards. For years Rachel Caine had been my favourite author, so I couldn’t say no to this chance to finally meet her! And of course, Amber Benson was also there and the Buffy fan inside me was going mad.

My dad agreed to take me and I can remember that the week leading up to it, that was all I would talk about at school.

The weirdest thing is that I can’t actually remember much from Comic-Con! I remember queuing for two hours to get in and then accidentally getting priority passes, but not much more about the actual convention.

We rushed in for the screening and Q+A for Morganville: The Series, and I jumped into some front row seats as soon as I could.

You probably think this part of the story is where I say I met Rachel Caine, got my book signed after the event and that was that. But… nope.

After the screening, we had to rush home so we wouldn’t get stuck in too much traffic, so I completely missed the signing. And I was gutted. Naturally, I tweeted about being so upset that I hadn’t managed to stay for the signing. I had spoken to Rachel Caine so many times before on Twitter.

But I never saw the turn coming where Rachel made time on her day off while she was on tour to travel to Nottingham to take me and my family to lunch.


It’s one of those things you never think would happen. But we emailed a few times and she sorted it out for me.

She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I remember walking to the pub with her and we both had a laugh together because I couldn’t stop smiling.

It was so lovely to just have a sit down and a nice long chat with her, and she was such a genuine lovely person it really made my day. She even brought me a few MV goodies and gave me the book she had read on the way over.

I don’t think I will ever get over that day. I’ve never experienced kindness quite like it and it’s a day I will always treasure. I will never be able to thank Rachel enough for that day and for giving me the inspiration and support I needed to keep writing.

This was four years ago, and it’s still something I think about daily. Halloween has never been a big thing for me, but that Halloween is definitely the most memorable out of them all.

Right, that’s my fangirling over, for now!

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