1. Glass Houses – Rachel Caine

I was never in with the Twilight craze. I was a couple of years too young when the first film came out and I definitely missed the craze with the books. But with the Morganville series, it’s a completely different story.

Glass Houses is the first book in the series and the idea behind the books is that there is a town that is run by vampires with some pretty crazy stuff going off behind the scenes. The series follows Claire, Shane, Eve, and Michael as they take part in the fight to survive.

It’s a brilliant book to read over Halloween, and definitely something to get hooked on.

2. Carniepunk – Anthology

This is a selection of different short stories written by fantasy and sci-fi authors that are all based at carnivals. The majority of them are weirdly creepy and they’re all really original.

3. The Radleys – Matt Haig

More vampires! I just love vampires at Halloween.

As per Matt Haig’s style, it’s not just vampires. This is also about mental health and surviving as an outcast to society. But the horror aspect of the vampires makes it brilliant and it’s just a really good twist on a vampire tale.

I will use any excuse to go mad over this book.

4. More Than This – Patrick Ness

Imagine drowning and waking up in your house, but everything looks like it has been abandoned for years.

Yep, and that is basically the book! It terrified me when I first picked it up and it is so mysterious! I’m going to be re-reading it soon because I enjoyed it so much. I love that it even brings the question of aliens into it. All in all, it is brilliant for Halloween!

5. Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier

Jane Eyre but set in Cornwall with a nameless narrator.

Sound like your thing? It’s brilliant. A brooding dark man named Maxim marries the narrator whilst barely knowing her and the narrator discovers he is hiding a dark secret. It’s creepy and thrilling and will have you on the edge of your seat until you finish it!

What are your favourite spooky books?

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