When I was at school and college, my bags always weighed an absolute ton. I always thought that after I finished, I would never have to carry a bag around which was that heavy every again. Reader, I was wrong.

I always took books to college with me, as well as all of the essentials for that day. An example day of when I just had Literature, my bag had a MacBook, two of the books we were studying for literature, my ring binder, a notepad, a revision book, my stationary, AND a book to read while I waited to be picked up. Even though I was already carrying a ton of stuff, I still had to have a book with me to read while I was sat around waiting.

And nothing has really changed on that side of things. I still always carry a book around, even when it makes my handbag weigh way too much or when my work handbag is bursting to its seams.

Before anybody says I can get over this by just reading on my Kindle, I know! But I don’t like to do things the easy way! Only joking – the majority of my TBR is physical books so the Kindle side of things doesn’t really work for me.

Heavy books or Kindle? What do you prefer when you’re out and about?

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  1. A small paperback for me. Because I don’t usually bring around tablets, don’t have a Kindle, and reading on my phone will drain its battery. Last time I went to see a doctor (where there is some waiting time), I brought a paperback and that worked. I don’t bring very tiny bags anyway so it fit in my bag just right. 🙂

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