Since I started regularly posting, I’ve had a set format for my book reviews including a star-rating system. But one thing I have never done is explained how I decide on how many stars a book gets.

Here’s an explanation of my ratings.


My five rating seems to be really rarely given out lately. For me, a five star book must have:

  • Little to no plot holes
  • Lovable characters
  • A gripping plot


For a four star rated book, it has got to be:

  • Easily readable
  • Enjoyable plot
  • Maybe a few simple issues


To me, a three star is when the plot is beginning to get a bit iffy and problematic. If I have given a book three stars, that means:

  • There were quite a few unlikable characters
  • I struggled to read it
  • I found I liked some parts of the plot


For a two star, the book has to be pretty bad in my opinion. I give a book two stars when it:

  • Has a boring plot
  • All unlikable characters
  • But I still finished it


A one star basically means one thing:

  • I couldn’t finish the book.

Usually that is down to a lot of factors. I try to give this out as rarely as possible.

How do you rate your books? Is it different to me? Let me know!

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    1. That’s mainly how mine began though, and then I realised the trends in how I was rating them in order to create this list πŸ˜‚


  1. This is such an awesome breakdown! Coming from a writer’s perspective, I have a terrible tendency to give almost exclusively 3 & 4 stars on Goodreads/Amazon reviews–I’m too critical to give many fives, but I empathise too much with fellow authors to give “bad” reviews!

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