A few months ago, I put out a tweet asking for some of you to send me some questions for me to answer over on here! Thanks to scheduling, I’m now writing my posts about 3/4 months in advance which is why it takes so long for these ideas to actually appear on my blog!

Anyway, here are the questions I got!

1. What is your favourite genre to read?

(Asked by Kate from What is Normal For)

If you’d have asked me this a year ago I would have said chick-lit straight away. But recently I’ve re-discovered my love for YA Romance and I’ve also just started to like YA Dystopia. I love anything YA, to be honest, just because the characters are always strong and brilliant role models.

2. If you could be a character in a book you’ve read, who would it be?

(Asked by Rachael and Jaclyn from Pingel Sisters)

This is so hard!! I think I would probably go for Eve from Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires Series. I love how strong she is, I love her wit and I even love her dress sense. Living in Morganville (despite the dangers) would be a dream for me. She has a close group of friends that anyone will be envious of. She’s also got a cute boyfriend (a girl can dream)!

3. What’s your least favourite book ever and why?

(Asked by my best friend Chey who has a blog here)

I hate talking about this (and she knows I do) because it’s such an unpopular opinion. It’s actually The Hate U Give just because I found that the author was trying too hard to make her language sound like a teenager’s, and it was almost like a mum trying to ‘get down with the kids’. I also really didn’t like the message of fighting hate with hate, and I never got past halfway through the book. I just felt that the message it gave was quite harmful and really didn’t like a lot of the comments the protagonist made.

4. Which author would you like to meet (dead or alive)?

(Asked by Bella Osborne who you can find here)

Straight away my brain screamed Matt Haig. I obsess over his books and even managed to somehow get an advance copy of his Notes on a Nervous Planet when it came out in July. I just find him to be such a genuine person and he is such an inspiration that I would be over the moon if I could meet him one day.

Thanks for the questions! Got any more to ask me? Fire away in the comments!

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  1. I love this! I definitely feel like I know you a bit better, even with the questions where I was less familiar with the references in your answers–you explained your reasoning so well! I’m only just discovering Matt Haig, but I completely agree–he seems like he’d be such an amazing person to meet!

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