Looking to buy something for the bookworm in your life? After a little search, here are some of my favourites! I managed to find some really cute presents!

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, none of these products have been tried or tested by myself. This is just a list of suggestions.

A Book Light

Book Light
Image from Firebox.com

I love this cute light and wish I had the room for it! It would make an excellent reading light for the bookworm in your life. It is so cute and quirky that you can guarantee that you will be giving the best present this Christmas. The light has five colours, and it’s battery-powered!

You can find it at Firebox.

A Book Box from The Book Matchmaker

Processed with Rookie Cam
Image from thebookmatchmaker.co.uk

My sister actually got me this for Christmas last year and I loved it! You have the option to pick a genre, and then to pick your choice of drink to come with your book. I really like the surprise that came with it because none of us knew what book it would be!

This is the perfect present if you want to treat your bookworm to a new book but aren’t sure what you want.

You can find these over on The Book Matchmaker.

A Harry Potter Potion Light

Potion Light
Image from truffleshuffle.co.uk

Isn’t this so cute?! I love this light, and it’s definitely not just for fans of Harry Potter. Again, this is such a different idea for a gift that I think it will really stand out. I would definitely be happy to get this as a present! The light has two modes so it can either be static or twinkle which I think is quite cool!

You can get it from Truffle Shuffle here.

A Matilda Mug

Matilda Mug
Image from truffleshuffle.co.uk

This one has come straight off my wishlist! What’s better than getting a bookworm a mug with another bookworm on it?! I love the delicate shape of this and the way there is a pattern around the top on the inside.

It’s on Truffle Shuffle here.

A Deluxe Harry Potter Colouring Book

Harry Potter Colouring.jpg
Image from firebox.com

If you have a stressed Harry Potter fan in your life, this is perfect for them! I’ve got a Harry Potter colouring book but it is nowhere near as amazing as this one!

You can get it from Firebox here.

What do you think of these? Have you found any cool bookish presents? Let me know in the comments!

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