I’m such a festive person (if you haven’t already worked that one out!) Which is why it has been so hard for me to narrow it down to just a few of my favourite things about Christmas for this post! If I could have posted about everything to do with Christmas, I would!

Christmas Music

I love Christmas music. Even the most miserable songs (East 17, I’m looking at you) still make me happy because I just automatically link Christmas music to happy memories.

(Great, now I’ve got Stay Another Day stuck in my head!)

As soon as we are halfway through November, I’ve got my Christmas music on. Although I hate to admit, this year I did actually listen to some in October on my drive home from work. My defence is that it was cold outside and dark, which completely made it acceptable!

I’ve made a playlist of all of my favourite Christmas songs this year, and you can find that here.

Working Through December

This one probably sounds weird to the majority of you, but I absolutely love work usually from the middle of November all the way to the beginning of January because of the Christmas mood.

I feel my most festive when I’m at work, selling people their Christmas presents. It’s even better than I spend most of my days dressed in an elf costume or something else just as ridiculous! I just really enjoy being rushed off my feet at work and getting into a festive mood with everyone I work with.

Dark Nights

As soon as the nights begin to draw in, my favourite time of year is starting. There’s nothing better than coming in from work, the sun starting to set, and going to a nice hot bath with a good book.

I always feel snugglier when we have earlier nights, and I also find it much easier to read because I don’t feel as guilty for going to bed earlier!

Christmas Movies

When I was younger and I used to spend days after school at my grandmas until my parents finished work, all the way through December she would have some weird Christmas movie on that she had found on some obscure channel. I think that is where my obsession stems from because I was never that bothered before.

I love any cheesy Christmas romance movie or any that have that clichéd message of the meaning of Christmas. For the rest of the year, I have cheesy films, but I think they are a necessity for Christmas.

What are your favourite things about Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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