Winter is my favourite time for reading! You can get all snuggly, read all day if you’ve got nothing to do on a miserable day, and not feel guilty about not leaving the house! I have a lot of essentials to make reading as snuggly as possible. Here’s a few of them!

Fairy lights

I didn’t realise how much I relied on my fairy lights for everything until a few months ago when my set stopped working. I’ve got a four poster bed so my lights are wrapped all around my bed. On my old set of lights, this was as far as it went, but now I’ve got an even longer set that also wraps around and weaves into my photo grid.

My favourite lights are copper wire string lights. They are very delicate looking while staying modern, and these ones are warm white which gives off a lovely snuggly glow.

I got mine from John Lewis (link here). They are 17 metres and come with a timer built in on the plug – perfect for forcing you to put that book down that you are addicted to!

But you can find some more affordable sets on Amazon, and even some battery powered ones (link here)

Warm Blankets

I LOVE blankets. I’ve actually got way too many of them. When I’m snuggled in bed reading over winter, I’ve usually got a dressing gown on and then some blankets over the top. I hate it when the cold interrupts a good book so I like to always try to stay as warm as I can!

I always have a collection of blankets in my room, but my favourite at the moment is my Supersoft Throw from Marks and Spencer. It’s thin enough to be layered with other throws on cooler days, and light enough to always have at the end of my bed without noticing it too much. It’s also amazingly soft! My pet hate is when throws aren’t actually big enough to wrap around you, but this one is also a decent size. (Link here)

Snuggly Slippers

When I was younger, I barely ever wore slippers. If I’m at home, why should I have to wear something on my feet? But now, I’m a convert.

My feet get cold too easily, so I’ve always got to have slippers on. Usually, I will buy a pair from Accessorize but this year I got mine from Next.

You can find them here. They come a little bit big (I’m a size 5 but I fit in a small). They are cute little cat ones and are so comfy. For me, my slippers also need to have a solid sole because I wear them outside too.

However, I do also love slipper socks! Although I do mainly only wear these in bed to keep me snuggly, they’re still brilliant for keeping you warm while you’re on a Christmas book reading marathon! I found some really cute ones on Amazon that look like little woolly cats! You can get them here.

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

Everyone knows I love my food, and although I eat no matter what season it is, my snacks definitely do change for winter.

You can get Prosecco Flavoured Crisps from M&S and they are my absolute favourite! They sound weird, but once you try them you can’t go back.

Some of my more normal snacks include mixed nuts, Bombay mix, and dark chocolate. I eat a lot more of these over winter than I do at any other time of year!

Any links used in my posts may be affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission for any purchases made through them. All prices and offers were correct at the time of publishing.

What are your winter reading essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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