As a festive person, I’m very set in my ways for what my traditions are for Christmas. These are some of the things that I have to do over Christmas.

Christmas Markets

I love Christmas markets! There’s one that we go to every year and I really look forward to it. I love shopping over Christmas anyway, but markets are definitely the best type of shopping you can do at Christmas.

For me, I always get soup as soon as we get there and have it as we go around, and then I always spend next to nothing since I hardly ever find anything I want to buy anyway. But the fun for me is in the walking around the market, not necessarily in finding presents.

Putting Up The Tree

Every house has their own traditions when it comes to putting up the tree, but here’s mine.

We usually do it on the first weekend in December (or whenever we all have a day off work together). We stick a music channel on the telly – usually the one with that repeat of Noddy Holder’s countdown to Christmas – and then we all put the tree up together. The cats get involved, especially our youngest who likes to climb the tree! I chase the other ones around and try to get them to wear their Santa hats which always ends in disaster.

The Christmas Eve Movie

On Christmas Eve, we have a few films that we usually pick from to watch:

  • The Muppet’s Christmas Carol
  • The Polar Express
  • The Holiday
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

It is always one of these films – my favourites are Muppets and Christmas Vacation. 

Christmas Books

How could I write about this without mentioning books?

Every single year I will read at least one new Christmas book and I will always re-read a few of my favourites, usually, some short stories from My True Love Gave To Me. I’ll snuggle in bed with a cosy Christmas book and stay up late reading, and that’s one of my favourite things to do over Christmas.

What are your Christmas traditions?

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