I couldn’t possibly fit all of my favourite festive films into one post, which is why I did My Favourite Book-Inspired Festive Films a few days ago. This post is for my favourite films that weren’t inspired by books.

A Christmas Prince (Netflix)(2017)

How can I not talk about this? Anything with Rose McIver in is brilliant quality anyway, but this is about as cheesy as a festive romance can get – so I love it!

If you like The Princess Diaries this is definitely for you. It’s the story of a journalist who accidentally goes undercover, befriends the royal family of a fictional country, and falls in love with the brooding prince, and finally ends in her saving the day. Because this all completely makes sense!

Okay so it is one of the most ridiculous films when it comes to plot, but it is so cheesy that it is brilliant! There’s a sequel out this year as well, which I can’t wait to watch.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

I love comedies. And this is such a terrible comedy and if it wasn’t a Christmas movie, it definitely wouldn’t have stood the test of time. But it is so relatable, especially with all of the annoying family and the overcooked turkey, that it manages to still be funny.

This used to be my absolute favourite – but don’t ask me to just pick one favourite now! I love all of the films on this list equally.

The Holiday (2006)

I first watched this in full last year. It’s almost always on ITV throughout December but we always switched over to it when it was halfway through so I never really knew what was going on.

I really enjoy this though and I’ll definitely be watching it again this year. Jack Black in a Christmas film?! It’s so wrong that it’s right! This is another one of those painfully cheesy movies but I just found it so entertaining that it immediately became a favourite.

Elf (2003)

I’m slightly embarrassed that I only watched this for the first time two years ago! My college was having a charity elf day so they showed this film in their film club and I went along because one of my friends wanted to go.

It’s so good! This is my ideal Christmas film because it’s for kids, it’s got some brilliant comedy in it, but it’s also heartwarming at the same time. I can’t remember if I even watched it last year but I know for definite that I will be watching it this year!

What are your favourite Christmas films?

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