At the beginning of 2018, I decided that I wasn’t going to give up on as many books because my 2017 DNF list was massive. If I didn’t like a book within the first twenty pages, I would put it down.

So for 2018, I forced myself to read every single book to at least half way before DNF-ing it. This way, I actually found some books I really enjoyed by holding on, and DNF’d a lot less.

However, there were still a few that I couldn’t finish. Here’s them, and here’s why.

I’m sorry, this may get brutal!

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

I know a lot of people will hate me for DNF-ing this, but let me point out, I was almost three-quarters of the way through before giving in.

I bought it because everyone is talking about it, and I felt that I would definitely be missing out if I hadn’t read it. I was really excited to read it and had really high hopes for it.

My main reason for DNF-ing was that I didn’t get along with the writing style. The protagonist spoke like a forty-year-old woman trying to talk like a teenager, and it just made me uncomfortable because it just seemed so forced. I kept reading a few pages at a time until I eventually just realised that if I was that far in and still disliking it, I probably wouldn’t like it any further on.

Handle With Care – Jodi Picoult

I class this one as a DNF even though I did technically read it to the end. I got bored around halfway through and ended up skim reading to the end.

I’ve struggled with Jodi Picoult’s books before mainly because they are just so long and so in depth that I usually get lost around halfway through. Nothing really happened in this one – the whole novel is about a court process and it just dragged and went over the same things over and over. I actually enjoyed it at the beginning but towards the middle it began to become monotonous and it just dragged.

I think if the novel had been shorter, then maybe I would have been able to finish it. I just struggle to focus on a book for as long as you need to for anything written by Jodi Picoult.

We All Looked Up – Tommy Wallach

This is the second time I have DNF’d this book. The first time was when I bought it just after it was released, and I struggled to get into it after the first few pages so I had put it back on my TBR.

I decided to try it again this year and I did get a lot further before getting fed up with it. My issue with this one is very similar to my issue with The Hate U Give, in that the language seemed like it was very forced and it was as if it was written by a person trying to ‘get down with the kids’. The plot also began to drag at around the halfway point, so I just left it there.

Windfall – Jennifer E. Smith

I hadn’t seen any reviews before I bought this, I just thought that the concept of two eighteen-year-olds winning the lottery had the opportunity to make a hilarious novel.

The characters spoke more like twelve-year-olds and it made it really hard to seem like it was a novel about two adults, and they acted like children too. I’ll admit, I didn’t even make it halfway through this before giving up, because the characters were just making me so annoyed that I couldn’t carry on reading it. I just really struggled to get into a story where the adults were written as children.

Other DNFs

There are a few books that I don’t really want to go into any reasons for DNF-ing because I gave up with them too soon for me to give my opinion. These ones had me giving up within a few pages for their own reasons.

Hopefully, I will pick these up again in the future and see if my opinions have changed.

  • Christmas Spirit – Nicola May
  • Aftercare Instructions – Bonnie Pipkin
  • The Versions of Us – Laura Barnett

Overall though, I don’t think that seven DNFs for a year is too bad!

Have you read any of these? Give me your opinions in the comments!

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  1. It’s interesting that you say that about ‘We All Looked Up’. I had this book on my shelf for a couple of years, until I really ended up with no desire to read it, and couldn’t even really remember why I’d bought it. Reading this makes me definitely glad I ending up getting rid of it and giving it a miss

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