Review: The Help – Kathryn Stockett

This is a backlog review, meaning I read this either before starting to blog or it got lost somewhere along the hectic journey of blogging. Enjoy! Book Description(From Waterstones) Enter a vanished and unjust world: Jackson, Mississippi, 1962. Where black maids raise white children, but aren’t trusted not to steal the silver . . . […]

Poems to Live Your Life By – Chris Riddell (Review)

Poems to Live Your Life By is a book of poetry collated and illustrated by Chris Riddell. People who read my blog regularly know that I obsess over Chris Riddell, which explains my reasons for buying this.

Book Talk: Myths About YA Novels

So my post Myths About Bookworms went down really well! I decided to do another, this time it’s about YA Novels. I hope you enjoy! 1. They’re all romances with no message This one really annoys me. When I’ve said that I read a lot of YA now, I’ve had people say than teen books […]

My Top Reads of 2018

I don’t think I have ever read quite as much as I did through 2018! This was the first year where I kept track of exactly how many books I read, and also kept note on what I thought about them.

Elizabeth is Missing – Emma Healey (Review)

Ever since I first read Three Things About Elsie, I have been absolutely desperate to find a book that was similar. I loved reading about a woman with dementia, and I found that having a main character with dementia created a completely unique plot. I had started to think that there weren’t any more books out there like it, and that’s when I discovered Elizabeth is Missing.