Happy New Year!

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions because I’m rubbish at sticking to what I say. I make plans and promises to myself, then break them within the first day – such as going on a book buying ban! I can’t help myself when I have Christmas money waiting to be spent!

This year, I’ve decided to make a few changes on my blog to move it forward, which I’m calling my ‘Blogolutions’. Whether I keep these changes or revert back to my original format is a different matter!

Thankfully, none of these are going to be major changes – so don’t worry! It’s mainly just a collection of smaller things that I think my blog would really benefit from being changed!

1. No More Catagories

The titles to all of my posts have always begun with their category, such as:

Review: Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Book Talk: Should I Post Negative Reviews?

I started doing this when I was new to WordPress, mainly because I was only just learning how it worked and I quite liked the formal look of having the category before every single post. However, I now feel that these just bulk up my post titles too much and there’s basically no point to them.

My posts will still be organised into their separate categories that you can find by using the menu bar at the top, but the category will no longer appear before the post name. The only posts that will be keeping their category before the title are my Bookworm Problems series.

Hopefully, this will help de-clutter my blog a bit.

2. I’m Changing My Posting Schedule

I love my posting schedule at the moment, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t feel like it is the easiest to follow! Currently, a post goes up every-other-day, but that means that some weeks have three posts, some have four, and the alternating posting days become all over the place.

Every other post would be a book review unless I had a set post that needed to go out on a set day, and if that was the case, who knows what was going to happen?

And on top of that, if anyone tags me in anything, I write my tag posts and post them on days in between the already planned blog posts.

Confusing, right?!

So I’ve decided that for this year, each week will have three set posting days – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Some weeks it may just be three book reviews, others it may be three chatty posts, and then it could also be mixed. This allows me to be free with my posts while sticking to a set schedule.

3. Fancy Something Different?

So I review books and book-related entertainment. But one thing I’ve been wishing I could post about lately is whatever I’ve been binge-watching.

Before, unless the film/series was based on a book, it wouldn’t make it onto my blog. But now I’ve come to terms with the fact that I binge-watch way too much, and I might as well start making use of that and writing more posts about entertainment, whether it is influenced by a book or not.

These posts won’t feature anywhere near as often as my book reviews, but it’s still going to be just a little bit of fun to add into the mix of my blog.

We all love a bit of Netflix!

4. My Graphics and Theme Are Changing

Over Blogmas, I really experimented with my graphics. I had only ever made headers before, and I did all of my Blogmas headers at once. Then at the end of my Blogmas planning, I decided to create some Pinterest graphics for each post to make it more shareable.

In doing this I realised how cute my blog would look with matching headers, Pinterest graphics, and theme. (You know, what every single other blogger does but I seemed to ignore.)

So this year I’m completely changing my graphics and theme so they all match nicely. It will take time, and I’m not sure it will be completely finished by the time this post goes live, but hopefully, in the end, it will all look a lot neater and a lot more professional.

5. I’m Going To Join In More With The Community

When it comes to the blogging community, I’ve been the quiet one for a while! Back in June last year, I engaged loads with so many other blogs and spoke to tons of other bloggers and I really enjoyed it! But I never kept that up, so this year I’ve decided I’m going to be more active within the community like I was back then.

I’m going to be commenting on more of your posts and joining in with more chats on Twitter, because I love the blogging community.

I’m also awful when it comes to sharing my own posts. I share them once on Twitter and then forget about them. So another thing that will happen this year is that I’m going to be posting links to older posts on days in-between my current posts, especially the ones that got missed by a lot of people.

6. Better Quality Posts

Okay, so, posts below five-hundred words? They’re not happening on here any more. With my new posting schedule, I don’t have to rush my posts through as much, which means I can take the time to ensure my posts are much better quality and they’re not just me rambling on about how good a book was.

I feel that the quality of my posts has really slipped lately, so I’m going to be taking more time to focus on getting my posts perfect before publishing them.

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