I love interviewing fellow bookish people! I find it so interesting to find out their views on the things I love!

Today’s interview is with Rachael from Books Inter Alia and I absolutely love her answers! I’m pleased to say that we share the same views on dog-earring books and that sometimes, the film can be better than the book!

Here’s the full interview!

1. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction. I do enjoy non-fiction and have been reading more non-fiction this year than I have done previously but, I am rather picky about the topics and the style. I tend to read, mostly, for the escapism and enjoyment; reading non-fiction, whilst I like the experience and I find it interesting, doesn’t give me that.

2. If you could only save one book in the apocalypse, what would it be?

I hate to be predictable (and sound like a broken record), but it would have to be Harry Potter. I know that it’s a series but I don’t think I could pick just one. Order of the Phoenix is the longest and introduces us to Luna Lovegood, one of my favourite characters, Deathly Hallows is my favourite but Philosopher’s Stone holds the greatest sentimental value. It’s an impossible choice. I’m going to have to create a compendium and count it as one very long book.

3. How do you treat your books? Do you use bookmarks or dog-ear? Crease the spine or leave it perfect?

If it were possible, all my books would remain in pristine condition forever. With the rare exception of a non-fiction page, I never dog-ear the pages. If I do have to, I will make sure it’s for the shortest time possible and, as soon as I can, try and straighten the page out again. That being said, I don’t use bookmarks that often either. I am trying to get into the habit of using them more because it would save a lot of time, but for the most part, I remember the page or chapter number or hunt down the relevant Goodreads update.

There comes a point when the spine will get broken. However, I try very hard to make sure that it doesn’t occur the first time I’m reading the book. For me, it’s a sign that I have really loved a book, that I have come back to it time and time again, getting so engrossed that I have to get in the book.

4. Is the book always better than the film?

Sometimes but not always. For example, the Netflix adaptation of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is better than the book (not only because of Noah Centineo), but the film adaptation of Ready Player One was such a disappointment that I get cross whenever I think about it. Also, watching a film is a very different experience to reading a book and sometimes, because of that, it’s unfair to compare them.

5. Tell me about a book on your TBR that you are excited to read.

I purposefully keep my physical TBR as short as possible – I currently have 7 titles waiting for me on my shelves and even that is stressing me out just a bit. My Goodreads TBR shelf is the same. Although not as consciously restricted anything over 25 begins to feel a little hard to manage. It’s worse when, like at the moment, none of them are screaming at me. I look at them and I am interested, but they’re not pulling me enough to stop me getting distracted by something else. However, one of the books on my Goodreads shelf: What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera has got me very excited. I love both of them individually so I can only imagine how amazing they’re going to be together. Plus, the main characters are LGBTQ+ and it is set around Broadway!

What If It’s Us is also on my TBR at the moment! Hopefully it will be as brilliant as it sounds!

You can find Rachael at Books Inter Alia here.

Did you enjoy this? What would your answers have been?

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