I finally did it – I made the leap and gave Audible a try. My experience was a mixed bowl of emotions, so here’s all of my feelings squeezed into one post!

Back in December, I went to see Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds, which is something that I have been a massive fan of for years. In the interval, they played a trailer for an adaptation that had been recently released on Audible. I had been debating getting Audible for a while because I love listening to podcasts while I’m falling to sleep, and this was the final kick I needed to get it.

So I took the plunge and downloaded it.

I absolutely loved the adaptation of The War of The Worlds, and there will be a review of that up at some point, this post is solely based on my experience with Audible itself.

I loved being able to listen to a story on my drive to and from work. It made a really nice change to listening to music each way and I actually felt more awake in the mornings when I got to work just from having to focus on what I was listening to. It even reached the point where I didn’t want to leave my car to go to work because I was enjoying it so much!

Audible also lets you set a sleep timer, which means that it turns off after a set amount of time or at the end of a chapter. I loved this feature as I loved listening to books while I was falling to sleep, but also had a tendency to fall asleep while it was still on! However, one thing I discovered when, thankfully, I was still awake, is that the sleep timer doesn’t always work when you set it to finish after the end of the chapter. One night, I ended up five minutes into the next chapter and then it switched off mid-sentence which frustrated me a bit n

When I first downloaded the app, nothing was explained about ‘credits’ after I signed up for the free trial, so I was unsure whether I was going to be charged for the book I just downloaded or not. After doing some googling, I discovered that with a subscription, you get one credit per month to exchange for an audiobook.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I expected Audible to be more like Netflix for books – I didn’t expect to be limited to one book per month. I could understand a free trial to be limited, but not a full subscription. Really, I found this quite disappointing because for £7.99 a month, I could just buy a paperback? So I wouldn’t really be gaining anything by subscribing.

With your £7.99 subscription, you do get unlimited access to Audible’s Audio Shows, which are basically podcasts. However, you get more of a diverse range of choices on Apple Podcasts, which is completely free.

So, what’s the alternative?

It’s worth checking to see if your local library is signed up to Overdrive or Hoopla. If they are, that means that you can listen to their audiobooks for free. Unfortunately, this is very US centric, so I’m not lucky enough to have access to anything like that!

Other alternatives? I’m struggling to find anything that is better than Audible. Most ebook subscription services are a similar price and you still only get access to one book a month.

I feel that with Audible, your options are to either put up with only listening to one book per month, or just don’t listen to audio books.

Please, someone, create Netflix for audiobooks!

Disclaimer : I completely understand that audiobooks at more accessible to a larger amount of people than physical books, and I am in no way slamming people who use Audible. This post is completely just my opinion based on my experience.

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    1. Usually, with subscriptions, you get more for your money than buying things normally but I just felt that this was the opposite? I never realised the number of books you could listen to was limited on Audible.


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