Me and Twitter, we’re best mates. We’re inseparable. I thought today, I would share some of my favourite twitter accounts with you! I follow quite a few different bookish accounts, but these are some of my favourites.

1. Waterstones Swansea

This is the Twitter account everyone aspires to have, and whoever runs this is an absolute genius. Be prepared for two tweets every day about doors, and random ones in-between. This account gets me giggling like mad. Please note, I don’t even live anywhere near Swansea!

2. Lucy Powrie

Lucy is the book blogger, and she runs a weekly chat that a lot of bookish people take part in. I’ve discovered quite a few books just by following her on twitter and her #UKYAChat is so much fun to join in with. There are so many supportive people to find through it, and it’s definitely worth giving a go!

3. JennieLy

Jenn does some of the funniest and most relatable tweets in the bookish community. Her tweets never fail to make me giggle (although sometimes they make me want to cry because they are so relatable).

4. Beth – BooksNest

Beth posts a lot of advice for other bloggers, and also posts a lot of brilliant bookish tweets! She is always positive, and I love seeing her posts on my timeline. She’s a ray of sunshine in the blogging world.

5. Fierce Reads

Finally, I love Fierce Reads. It’s the place to look if you’re wanting to keep up-to-date with new releases, with the odd meme thrown in. It’s useful for finding books you wouldn’t have previously thought about, and I’ve found quite a few good reads through them!

Who are your favourite bookish twitter accounts? Give me recommendations in the comments!

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