A Tudor Turk – Rehan Khan

The concept is interesting. A Tudor Turk is set in Istanbul in 1591, and follows the story of Will and Awa. It’s unusual to find historical YA novels, but after enjoying A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, I can really see how the idea works.

The Pros and Cons of Long Books

I love long books, but at the same time, I really don’t like them. I’m confusing, right?! So to try to be a bit less confusing, here’s a list of pros and cons of long books. Here, I’m categorising ‘long’ as anything over 450 pages. Pros of Long Books Plenty of time to get into […]

My Ranking of All ASOUE Books

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about A Series of Unfortunate Events, and although (hopefully) there will be one soon with my thoughts of the final season of the Netflix series, I felt like it was time for me to talk about it a bit more again. 
I finished the last book quite a while ago, and now I think that means it’s time for me to work out which book is my favourite.

The Mystery of Mercy Close – Marian Keyes (Review)

When a book has you waking up at five in the morning to finish it, you know it’s a good book. It doesn’t happen often to me any more – the last book that did this to me was Outside by Sarah Ann Jukes. And to be quite honest with you, I didn’t expect it from this book.

Season 3 of ASOUE – Worth the Hype?

Firstly, I feel that I need to point out that this was the first season of this that I’d watched after reading the books. With all of the previous episodes, I’d watched them and then got around to reading the book. I feel that this changed my views on a few things that had been changed.
I’m going to go through these, episode by episode, and talk about my thoughts.
There will be spoilers, so stay away if you haven’t watched it yet!