Time for the second half of what I hope to read this year! Again, as much as I hope I can completely work through this TBR this year, I know I probably won’t! I’m awful when it comes to buying new books, and as much as I try not to hoard books on my TBR, it always happens!

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Mackenzie Lee

This is a relatively new addition to my TBR. I absolutely cannot wait to read this one because I have read hundreds of glowing reviews for it! The cover is beautiful as well! It’s not going to take long for me to get around to reading this, so expect a review very soon!

Atonement – Ian McEwan

We studied an extract of this in English Literature at college, and I bought this straight after. Since I left college a year and a half ago, I think it’s been on my TBR for way too long! I’m not a classics girl, and even though this is a modern classic, it reads more like a classic which is why I’ve put it off for so long. The plot sounds brilliant and definitely something I could follow, so I’ve promised myself I will give it a good go this year.

The Thousandth Floor – Katharine McGee

I DNF’d this at page five, because the writing was tiny and I didn’t feel like a book that would take a while to read at the time. A year and a half on (maybe even longer?) and I still haven’t picked it up again. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and it definitely makes me want to read it. It’s also YA Dystopia which is a genre that I have only recently managed to get into, so hopefully that should mean that when I read it this year, I should love it.

Felix The Railway Cat – Kate Moore

I can’t remember exactly when I got this, but it has been sat on my shelf forever. I love cats, and I love books, so what could possibly go wrong? I think that this has been sat on my TBR for so long because it’s non-fiction, and I have to be in the right mood to read anything other than fiction, and that mood shows up very rarely!

Truly Madly Guilty and What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriarty

These two are both quite recent (by recent, I’m meaning this year!) charity shop buys, and I just haven’t had the chance to get around to reading them yet. I’ve seen a bunch of positive reviews for Liane Moriarty’s novels, which is why I picked these two up. They’re not something that I would have otherwise thought about reading, but hopefully they are as interesting as they sound. What Alice Forgot sounds the most intriguing so I think that will be the first of these that I will pick up.

Silver Bay – Jojo Moyes

After I read Me Before You, I picked up a few more of Jojo’s books, and this was one of them. This has been on my TBR for almost two years. I actually DNF’d two of her books that I had bought when I got this because nothing quite lived up to my expectations and none of them seemed anywhere near as good as Me Before You. That has made me put off reading this book for a while. This year I’m going to put my prejudices behind me and give this a go – who knows, it could even be better than anything else she has written!

Fated – Alyson Noël

This was one of my sister’s DNFs, so I stole it off her a while ago, and then I also DNF’d it! However, I’m a lot more into fantasy now than I used to be, so I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing how this one pans out. It’s one of the YA Fantasy novels that just about everyone who is into the genre has read, so I at least need to see what it’s all about!

Wonder – R.J. Palacio

I bought this because I had just heard that it was being made into a film and I’d also seen raving reviews for it… but I somehow forgot I had it until a few months ago when I found it! I am really looking forward to reading this and seeing where the plot goes. The film’s on Netflix now but I’ve been putting it off until I’ve read the book – so that gives me more reason to give it a read!

White Teeth – Zadie Smith

There’s something about thick books that really scares me! I’m awful at committing to something for a long time, so I have a horrible feeling that I may end up DNF-ing this when I start it or skimming the whole second half. I want to read it because it is one of the books to read, but the size of it is just a bit too daunting, and it has been for over a year!

What’s on your TBR for 2019?

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