The first time I ever read this book, I DNF’d it at about halfway through. I bought it just after it was released from a little bookshop in Cornwall, desperate to read it after all of the positive reviews I had seen all over social media.

However, I never managed to get into it. I didn’t realise it would be quite as sci-fi as it seemed to begin with and struggled to relate to the protagonist.

I thought this was going to stay as a DNF forever, as I had a tendency to never try to pick a book up again after I have DNF’d it. However, just before I was going on holiday I saw a review for it over on another blog and decided that I should try it again. My tastes have changed a lot in a few years, so I was hoping I would find it easier to read this time around.

And I was right! I wasn’t hooked right at the beginning so it took some commitment to carry on reading. But now I really enjoyed the concept of aliens used in this and all of the mystery.

I actually got hooked on this! It’s almost like reading an episode of Black Mirror, which is another thing I’m addicted to.

Fair enough, I wasn’t completely sure I liked the characters, but you don’t have to love the characters in order to enjoy a novel.

I have an obsession with urban explorers going into abandoned places, and I love their videos. More Than This is set in a completely abandoned world, and I found Ness’s description of how nature took over a familiar place was really fascinating. This made me really like his writing and now I’m considering reading more of his books!

Rating: 4/5

Buy it from Amazon here

Paperback, 480 pages, published by Walker Books, £7.99

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