At the beginning of this year, I vowed to myself that I would finally stop buying more books and read all of my physical TBR books first. I’ve tried this before and then bought more books and gave up, because, quite honestly, this is a near impossible task for a bookworm.

But despite breaking once and buying some more books, I now only have fifteen books on my TBR, down from sixty towards the end of last year. This has been a challenge, and I know I still have a long way to go until I can buy more books, but I feel proud of this. And I also feel that I’ve learnt a lot more to do with my reading habits. So here’s what I’ve learnt:

1. I buy some books because they’re popular, not because I want to read them

I’ve always, always, always said I’m not one for popular books, and now I know that isn’t necessarily true. I’m guilty of buying books because a lot of people are talking about them. I’ve recently DNF’d The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of The Window and Disappeared, and if I’d have read more reviews on it, I would have seen that it’s quite historical, which I never really like in a novel. Also, I’ve still got these books on my TBR which I know I bought because of their popularity, but now I’m not sure if I’ll like them:

  • The Versions of Us – Laura Barnett
  • The Fandom – Anna Day
  • White Teeth – Zadie Smith

2. I buy books in bulk by certain authors, and it’s not always a good idea

When I read Paige Toon’s The Last Piece of My Heart, I loved her writing and decided straight away that I needed to read more of her books, so then I bought One Perfect Christmas and Five Years From Now. But I read her Christmas one and had to DNF it because I really didn’t enjoy it, and now I’ve got Five Years From Now sat on my TBR and I’m not really sure that I want to read it.

I’ve also got tons of Sophie Kinsella books on my TBR, and although I love her writing, it seems like such a task to get through those books at the moment, and I’m wishing I hadn’t bought so many at once.

From now on, I’m not buying tons of books by the same author at the same time. One book per author on my TBR! (Let’s see if that will happen!)

3. There’s nothing wrong in DNF-ing a book

I always felt bad to DNF a book, especially if I’ve done it quite early into the book. Last year, I set a goal to not DNF a book before I’d read fifty pages, but now that has gone out of the window. Life is too short to read a bad book.

I’ve DNF’d quite a few from my TBR, but I haven’t felt bad about any of them. I’d rather move on to a book I’ll enjoy than be stuck on one that I’m not too sure about.

4. I don’t need to spend as much money on books as I usually do

Whether a book is second-hand or brand new, I still enjoy it as much. It doesn’t matter about the condition of the book, and I’m not going to be as much of a snob any more.

I also don’t need to have a large range of books sat on my TBR all the time. I can order books at any time and know they will be here by next week, so I don’t need to buy tons at a time. That way, in the future my TBR won’t get as massively out-of-control.

Does anyone have any tips for keeping a TBR under control?

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  1. Wonderful post! I definitely have bought several book solely because of their popularity, something I’ve been doing less and less as I got older. I also always felt horrible if I DNF’d a book. Now not so much. There’s too many good books in the world for you to read things you don’t like!!

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  2. I’ve definitely got a plan this year to really start making a dent on the number of unread books I have around before I start getting more! It’s so hard though. Definitely going to use a few of your tips here. Great post – and good luck!

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  3. This is a really interesting post! It’s interesting that you mention The Fandom – I was intrigued by that one for a long time before I finally bought it, and I still haven’t heard anyone else talk about it! Unfortunately when I did eventually read it I DNF’d it really quickly – I didn’t find the writing at all convincing for what it was trying to pull it off and I think maybe it was too young for me by the time I got to it x

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    1. I saw a lot of posts on social media about it when it was first released, so I bought it straight away without really looking at the synopsis and now…. I’m just not sure. It’s not something that I would usually read.

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