It’s been a while since I wrote a post about A Series of Unfortunate Events, and although (hopefully) there will be one soon with my thoughts of the final season of the Netflix series, I felt like it was time for me to talk about it a bit more again.

I finished the last book quite a while ago, and now I think that means it’s time for me to work out which book is my favourite.

Today’s ranking isn’t based off the star ratings I originally gave the books. This time, I’m taking into account how much I can remember from the book, and whether I feel that I would happily go back and re-read it.

I’m not including any books that are spin-offs and extras to the series, including Horseradish: The Bitter Truths, The Beatrice Letters, and An Incomplete Guide to Secret Organisations.

Here we go!

13. The Vile Village

I can barely remember this book or the Netflix episode for that matter. It freaked me out with the whole crow thing, and I absolutely hated Olaf’s disguise in this one and found him completely freaky. I think with it being the seventh book in the series, I was beginning to get into a bit of a slump anyway.

12. The Slippery Slope

This book seemed to be a bit of a filler to me, in order to make the series last thirteen books to match the recurrence of the number thirteen. Although some pivotal characters such as The Man With a Beard and No Hair and The Woman With Hair and No Beard, I felt like this was skimmed over a bit too much. Again, though, this was in the second half of the series and I think that after reading so many books in a row, it did make my view of this book more negative than if I’d have read the books within a longer amount of time.

11. The Wide Window

Meh. So it definitely wasn’t the worst book in the series, even though at the time I read it I thought that it definitely could have been. I just couldn’t feel any empathy for Aunt Josephine in this one since the Baudelaires had to save her after falling in love with Captain Sham. She annoyed me, and it really ruined the book for me.

10. The Ersatz Elevator

I feel bad that this is stuck at number ten because it really wasn’t bad! Esme was introduced in this one, and even though she is a villain, I absolutely adore her just because she is so weird! Plus, Larry, your waiter. But the plot of this one did drag a little bit, and I struggled to get into this one as easily as a lot of the others.

9. The Grim Grotto

Fiona – no thanks. I don’t really like her that much. But the plot was really good in this one, and it was definitely tense in a lot of places!

8. The End

I loved the actual ending – it really worked for the series. But the rest of this book was just a bit bland. I really didn’t like Ish or any of the Islanders. However, this book made me love Olaf and feel sorry for him, so it redeemed itself there.

7. The Austere Academy

This is the beginning of the brilliant books in this list. I loved that they set a book in a school! It’s finally something relatable, and it was even funnier for that! The descriptions of the lessons sounded both bizarre and strangely familiar. The Quagmires were introduced in this book as well, and I grew to absolutely love them.

6. The Reptile Room

Uncle Monty is amazing. He has the Baudelaire’s best interests at heart and is the only one out of all of the Baudelaire’s guardians to try to save them from Olaf. Shame that he couldn’t recognise Olaf in disguise…

Stefano was entertaining and was definitely one of the best disguises. But this book just makes me sad because Monty never had the chance to save the Baudelaires, even though he was more than prepared to.

5. The Carnivorous Carnival

The setting absolutely made this one! I loved that it was a carnival full of ‘freaks’ and that the Baudelaires managed to trick Olaf and Esme with their disguises. This one possibly ended on one of the worst cliffhangers out of all the books, but it just made me want to carry on reading even more!

4. The Hostile Hospital

YES, YES, YES! This one was brilliant. This is where the plot started to go really dark, and I loved it! It was full of suspense, mystery, and a little bit of suggested violence. There were some more details about VFD revealed in this one, and a file on the Snicket Fire was found, leading to more drama further on in the series.

3. The Penultimate Peril

Kit Snicket is amazing. I love that the plot splits three ways in this, with Sunny, Klaus and Violet all going their separate ways to complete tasks, and all of their stories coming together towards the end. The mystery of not knowing who was good and who was bad really confused me, but it kept my brain going all the way through!

2. The Bad Beginning

The first book is always going to be one of the best. I loved the introduction of Olaf, and Justice Strauss was amazing. Her library is something that every bookworm dreams for.

1. The Miserable Mill

Charles. Charles is adorable. Charles is amazing. Charles should have been in every single book. Along with Phil. This is the best book in the whole series, hands down. Rather than the Baudelaires being placed here, they chose to hide here, so it was finally a person who wasn’t involved in the Baudelaire’s history.

Do you agree with these? Tell me your thoughts!

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  1. Ooh it’s been years since I read these but reading through this has definitely brought them back. I’ve watched the first series on Netflix but need to get back to it. Josephine really annoyed me as well – definitely agree on that one. And loved Uncle Monty! I don’t remember them all but this is bringing back snippets, I love it!

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