When I was first starting blogging, one thing there was never help on for book bloggers was how to write a review policy. I didn’t even know they existed before I checked out a few other websites, and when I wanted to make my own, I had no idea where to start. Mine was made by going through lots of blogs and then picking all of the parts I liked best.

What is a review policy and why do you need one?

Review policies are a static page on your blog that explains your taste in books. You list the sort of books you like, the sort that you don’t, and the best way to contact you if an author or publisher wants you to review their book.

Don’t get me wrong – a book blogger isn’t required to have a review policy, but it helps. It means authors and publishers can contact you easily with books they want reviewing, and in theory, you shouldn’t get contacted about any books that won’t interest you.

How to make your policy

Make sure you create your policy on a static page so it is easy to find when someone first goes onto your website. Mine can be found in my menu up at the top of my page, which means that it can even be seen when someone is only reading a post.

Don’t start off by going straight into the books that you do and don’t accept. I know it’s good to get straight to the point, but it can sometimes sound a bit abrupt. Instead, write a little introduction. Mine is very basic because I didn’t know what to say! But it still seems better than listing my favourite genres straight away.

I love lists, as most people can gather from my posts, so I found that the easiest way to say what books I do and don’t like was by listing the genres! To begin with, my approach was a bit softer and I said ‘I don’t usually read …) but I found that I had a lot of review requests for books that I definitely wouldn’t read, with the emails saying ‘I know you don’t usually read (…) but my book…’. So instead I switched to saying that I don’t review those genres and it seems to have worked.

Be as specific as you like with your genres that you list! Mine are quite vague because I really like anything inside those genres, but if there’s a specific sub-genre you love, add it onto the list!

Make sure you mention how long it will usually take you to post a review. Most authors/publishers will be working to a strict schedule, so to save both them and you time, ensure that you point out if it may take you longer to review than others.

For me, I also pointed out that I won’t post reviews for books that I don’t like. I’ve been sent a few novels that I didn’t get along with, but my previous policy stated that I will always review. However, when you have to tag an author in the review, it’s not nice to leave a bad one, so I find it better off to say that I just won’t review it if I don’t like it and they are free to contact me about it.

Make sure you remember to add where to contact you! I include my email and also a contact form on my page. I’ve found that the contact form is used a lot less than people emailing me, but it’s still useful to give options.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I’m always happy to help other bloggers.

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    1. Honestly, just do whatever you feel is best! I’m scared that the one I had before turned people away because it was very straightforward and strict sounding, however it did seem a bit more professional than what I’ve got now


  1. Just as I was thinking about making a review policy! I have just started getting into reviewing books, and actually just finished an arc. I did see a post before about the importance of a review policy and I am pretty sure I have checked yours out for reference maybe within the past two weeks, so this is a pleasant surprise to have even more insight from your experience. Thank you! 🙂

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    1. I’m glad I posted this at the right time! My best tip is to make sure you’re looking at other people’s review policies, so I’m glad you’re doing that!

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