I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy this, because I had mixed feelings when it came to the first book, One of Us is Lying. Yes, I enjoyed it in the end, but I really struggled with it to begin with and found myself getting bored with it. (You can read my full review of One of Us is Lying here) However, I still decided to buy Two Can Keep a Secret in the hopes that it would be better than the first book.

In a way, I did enjoy this more than the first book. However, I feel that since I was struggling to remember what happened in the first book, it held me back with this. I was left with so many questions, like why is this set somewhere else? Were Ellery and Ezra in the first book? And, does this link to the first book in any way? I felt lost all the way through the book like I was missing out on something.

How did Ellery make friends so fast? One second she is meeting new people, the next, she’s best friends with them.

Similarly to One of Us is Lying, I really struggled to differentiate all of the characters. The writing style in each chapter remained the same, despite the fact that they are narrated by the same people. And I feel that a lot of the characters seemed to just appear and you are expected to just know who they are.

To be honest, once I stopped myself from overthinking, I did quite enjoy the plot. It works quite well as a standalone novel, but I feel that by linking it to the story before just doesn’t work at all.

I didn’t completely dislike the book – I didn’t even consider DNF’ing this one, unlike the previous book. It kept me gripped, I just think you may need to read it soon after reading the first book to be able to fully understand what is happening.

Paperback, 366 pages, published by Penguin, £7.99

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