Okay, so this book is good.

When I first picked it up, I had mixed feelings of what to expect. I don’t read much historical fiction mainly because half of the time, I’ve got no clue about what’s happening. But I absolutely loved this.

The book follows Maud, a young girl in the early 1900s. It opens with the description of her father killing a person, and then skips back to when Maud was young, telling the story right from the beginning.

One of my favourite things is when books change formats, as this one includes parts from Maud’s father’s diaries. I feel that it’s a good way to get the plot to move along while keeping it interesting.

I usually dislike it when books quickly glide through time, but I feel that it really worked in this. The plot quickly moves through years while also still detailing everything that is important.

I fell in love with Maud, and really felt for her for how many setbacks she faced just because she was female. Nobody listened to her when she was trying to explain that her father was ill, and I’m sure that if they had, he wouldn’t have gotten mad enough to kill a person.

I loved the addition of the mention of the suffragist movement – it really helped me put into context what was happening.

Wakenhyrst has got to become a classic. It’s got all of the makings of one, and is definitely already one of my top reads of this year.

Rating: 5/5

Hardback, 304 pages, published by Head of Zeus, £14.99

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